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X-Men '97 (2024 Series)

Updated: May 31


For many millennials, the 1990s X-Men: The Animated Series was a defining part of their childhood. It introduced us to a world of mutants, a group ostracized by society but bound by their unique abilities and Professor X's dream of peaceful coexistence. The series delivered action-packed adventures, explored complex themes of prejudice and acceptance, and left a lasting impact on pop culture. Now, in 2024, Disney+ brings us X-Men '97, a revival that promises to rekindle the magic of the original show while offering a new chapter for these beloved characters.


X-Men '97 isn't a reboot; it's a direct continuation. The series picks up right where the original left off in 1997, following the cliffhanger ending that saw Professor X critically injured and whisked away by the alien Shi'ar. This decision holds immense weight for fans. For decades, we've been left wondering about the X-Men's fate and Professor X's potential recovery. X-Men '97 promises to answer those questions and delve deeper into the consequences of these events.

The series leans heavily on nostalgia. The animation style retains the classic 90s look, albeit with some enhancements for a modern audience. But the true cherry on top is the return of the original voice cast. Hearing familiar voices like Cal Dodd (Wolverine), Alison Sealy-Smith (Storm), and George Buza (Beast) breathe life back into these characters is a delightful experience for longtime fans. It instantly transports you back to those Saturday mornings glued to the TV.

While nostalgia is a major draw, X-Men '97 isn't just a trip down memory lane. The show promises to explore new storylines and introduce fresh characters. Trailers hint at the arrival of fan favorites like Bishop and Morph, alongside a new generation of mutants coming to terms with their abilities. This infusion of new blood keeps the narrative exciting and ensures the series isn't solely reliant on past glories.

The original series tackled themes of prejudice and discrimination, issues that remain relevant today. X-Men '97 has the opportunity to delve deeper into these themes through a contemporary lens. The show's writers have hinted at exploring topics like social media's impact on mutant activism and the rise of anti-mutant rhetoric. This approach ensures the series resonates with a modern audience while staying true to the core themes that resonated with viewers in the 90s.

The return of the X-Men to animation is significant within the larger Marvel landscape. With the X-Men now officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), X-Men '97 could serve as a bridge between the animated series and the live-action films. While the exact connection remains unclear, the series could potentially explore concepts or storylines that could be later referenced in MCU projects.

X-Men '97 isn't just for those who grew up with the original series. The show's themes of acceptance, self-discovery, and fighting for what's right are timeless. The exciting action sequences and the introduction of new characters make it an enjoyable experience for newcomers as well. Whether you're a seasoned X-Men fan or just discovering the world of mutants, X-Men '97 offers something for everyone.


X-Men '97 is a welcome return to a beloved animated series. It delivers a potent dose of nostalgia for fans of the original while offering a fresh chapter filled with new stories and characters. The series' willingness to explore relevant social issues ensures it stays connected to a modern audience. With its exciting potential to connect to the MCU, X-Men '97 promises to be a landmark event in the X-Men saga. Whether you're ready to revisit your childhood or simply seeking an engaging superhero adventure, X-Men '97 is a must-watch for any animation or comic book enthusiast.

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