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City Hunter (2024)

Updated: May 31


For fans of classic anime, 2024 offered a delightful surprise: a live-action adaptation of the beloved series, City Hunter. Debuting on Netflix in April, the film brought Ryo Saeba, the unforgettable "sweeper" with a heart of gold, back to our screens. This blog delves into the City Hunter 2024 movie, exploring its faithfulness to the source material, its unique adaptations, and its overall impact on a new generation of viewers.


City Hunter 2024 stays true to the core elements of the original manga and anime. Ryo Saeba (Ryohei Suzuki), a crack shot with a penchant for beautiful women, operates in the bustling underworld of Shinjuku, Tokyo. Aided by his trusty partner, Hideyuki Makimura (Masanobu Ando), Ryo takes on cases for those in need, tackling corruption and injustice with his signature blend of action and humor. The film throws him into a thrilling mystery when he receives a cryptic message: "XYZ, please find my sister." This seemingly simple job takes a dark turn when Hideyuki is murdered, leaving Ryo to team up with Kaori Makimura (Misato Morita), Hideyuki's fiery sister, to uncover the truth.

The film masterfully captures the essence of Ryo Saeba. Suzuki embodies the character's effortless coolness and playful charm. He seamlessly transitions between smooth-talking ladies' man and a deadly gunman with unwavering resolve. Morita brings a fresh energy to Kaori, balancing her grief with a fierce determination to avenge her brother. The supporting cast, including the enigmatic detective Saeko Nogami (Fumino Kimura), adds depth and intrigue to the narrative.

While the core themes of loyalty, justice, and the bonds of friendship remain intact, City Hunter 2024 injects a modern sensibility. The film cleverly integrates contemporary Tokyo into the story, showcasing the city's neon-lit streets and bustling atmosphere. The action sequences are thrilling and well-choreographed, utilizing practical effects and CGI to deliver a visually stunning experience.

The film also takes some creative liberties with the narrative. The initial case involving a missing cosplayer sets the stage for the larger conspiracy. This modern twist allows the film to explore themes of online anonymity and the darker side of internet fame. Additionally, the relationship between Ryo and Kaori develops with a more nuanced approach compared to the source material. While the trademark flirtation exists, the film explores a deeper emotional connection that emerges from their shared loss.


City Hunter 2024 is a satisfying adaptation that honors its legacy while offering a fresh perspective for a new audience. The film's faithfulness to the source material will undoubtedly please long-time fans, while the modern setting and action sequences will appeal to a wider audience. The performances, particularly Suzuki's portrayal of Ryo, are a highlight, capturing the character's iconic personality.

Despite some deviations from the original story, the core essence of City Hunter remains. The film celebrates the power of friendship, the importance of helping those in need, and the unwavering pursuit of justice. Whether you're a seasoned City Hunter fan or a newcomer to the world of Ryo Saeba, City Hunter 2024 is a thrilling, action-packed ride that delivers a powerful dose of nostalgia with a modern twist.

This film serves as a reminder of the enduring appeal of classic anime. City Hunter's themes of loyalty, justice, and lighthearted humor resonate across generations. With its successful adaptation, City Hunter 2024 paves the way for more live-action adaptations, breathing new life into beloved anime series and introducing them to a whole new generation of fans.

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